In Order to Prevent the Occurrence of Urinary Tract Infections?

According to recent studies , about 20 % of young women for the first time had this infection that will , unfortunately, to follow in life. Some people have chronic urinary tract infection , and most of them have up to three times a year . This infection is especially dangerous because it can spread through the kidneys and bladder .

What is a urinary tract infection ?

Urinary tract infection is an infection that attacks the bladder ( lower urinary tract ) and kidneys ( upper urinary tract ) . Symptoms include pain during urination , frequent urination and in some cases, fever and discoloration of urine . Women are more vulnerable to this infection because they have a shorter urethra due to bacteria quickly reach the bladder .

Is deleted from front to back

Of crucial importance is the correct way to delete after performing an emergency order to prevent the transfer of bacteria from rectal to genital area and part of the urethra . Remember to always delete from front to back , and you use more than one piece of paper .

Avoid products for intimate hygiene that irritate the skin

There are many products for personal hygiene of women such as wet wipes , powders , deodorants – who do not have a positive effect on the body . Using too many products at once , women are exposed to bad chemicals . The next time you purchase such products inquire about them and be sure they do not contain substances with chemicals that disrupt the endocrine glands , allergens and carcinogens .

Drink water and urinate more often

It is important to be hydrated throughout the day , whether you have an infection or not . All health professionals recommend that you drink at least two liters of water every day . Drinking water dilutes urine and drink more water , the more you urinate , thereby effectively remove the bacteria from the urinary tract .

Pay attention to the lower back

It may be hard to believe , but the pain in the lower back may disrupt nerve associated with urination . So it’s best to make sure the standing or not to sustain an injury in that area of ​​the spine . Avoid lifting heavy objects and often wearing high heels that can affect the spine .

Change tampons frequently during menstruation

Doctors recommend that you change the buffer to the maximum every eight hours , but it is still best to change it to six . The longer you hold the buffer , the more bacteria and toxins created in your body . This increases the risk of infection and swelling of the affected urine .

Treat constipation

Constipation may also increase the risk of developing urinary tract infection . When you have constipation , creates a hard stool that causes bloating and pressure on the bladder . Get rid of constipation by the diet to introduce more fiber , use laxatives medium heat and drink water as much as possible .

Try cranberry juice

Many doctors and gynecologists recommend regular consumption of cranberry juice as you solve any problems with the bladder . Cranberries create proanthocyanidins that hinder bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder , which means that by eating or drinking cranberry juice of this fruit can increase health urinary tract and out a lot more bacteria from the bladder .

Empty your bladder before and after sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse can cause some bacteria in the rectal region to pull closer to the urethra . Once the bacteria found in the bladder , reproduce rapidly and cause inflammation and tissue damage .

Do not wear too tight pants

Avoid wearing too tight clothing , especially pants . You always choose cotton underwear that provides better air circulation , which makes the genital area dry . While for example . You know nylon retains moisture corresponding bacteria to develop and reproduce.

Strengthen abdominal muscles

As a drug can be used and classical exercises . Next time you’re doing exercises to strengthen the lower back , do not forget to do a couple of exercises in the central part of the body – the stomach and the whole back .


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