Powerful Juicer Recipes For Weight Loss And Detox – IT’S TIME FOR REFRESHMENT!

Do you want to lose weight by drinking liquids? Do you have a juicer? Well then, we have the perfect recipes for you! Here are 5 benefits and reasons why you should use juicer recipes for weight loss:

It stops the hunger

– If you are hungry but want to eat healthy juicer recipes for weight loss are the perfect solution, since you have fewer cravings by eating less fatty food.

It is very convenient

– We get it, you are all busy to prepare three healthy meals during the day, so therefore this is the best option if you want to make good diet decision which will be delicious, fresh and above all healthy.

It’s completely natural

– You don’t use processed foods to make juice – everything is fresh and natural which means that it does not contain all those additives and chemicals that are helping you to gain weight. It is even more beneficial if you are using organic products reduces the risk of gaining weight.

It gives you more energy

– If you want to have more energy and be active during the day make some juicer recipes for weight loss, because they refresh you and make you feel great!

It helps with detoxification naturally

– Especially juicier recipes with green color are rich in chlorophyll which helps the kidneys and liver to make detoxification, and clean your organism of all the toxins. Most importantly, you can make it on your own and determine the taste you want it!

Simple Juicer Recipes for Weight Loss
Morning breeze detox

– Simple and fast juicer recipe for weight loss to start the day with!

In 250 ml of warm water squeeze one lemon. Drink this before you eat anything in the morning when you wake up. It helps you with detoxification and energizes your body,  also burns fats since it is very helpful for the digestive system (because of the citric acid which helps with the cleansing) as well as you receive your daily intake of vitamin C. It does taste like lemonade but the water makes the acidic taste mild. Decorate with a couple of mint leaves for a refreshing minty touch.

Apple toxin killer

– Juicer recipe for weight loss to be drank at any time of the day!

This juice will help you with detoxification since it’s rich in antioxidants. The color is green, the taste is fantastic and your body will say thank you for it! It contains all those essential nutrients which are great for your health. All you need is 3 apples, 1 stick of celery, ½ cucumber, a handful of spinach leafs and lettuce, and ice. After washing and peeling the ingredients, you put them into the juicer you add the ice and start blending until you get homogeneous juice. Enjoy your cold and healthy refreshment!


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