Presenting: The Secrets Of People Who Are Never Sick!

The world is full of people who never get sick or experience a disease. The secret lies in their strong immune system, but how does that actually work?

Advices from people who never get ill can be very useful for our own well being, especially during this fragile season when your body is exposed to viruses and infections.

Here is what we found out:


Massages can reduce anxiety and thus stress is shut down. Getting one massage a month would be pretty satisfactory.

Cold shower

People who are sick claim that cold showers help them recharge their energy and fight migraines successfully. Taking 1 minute cold shower during every season is enough.

Wash your hands

Hand washing is the first activity undertaking when facing a disease. Use organic soaps to fully clean your hands for about 20 seconds.

Increase the vitamin C and zinc intake

To prevent a cold, it is essential to consume vitamin C and zinc rich foods. This will also keep the viruses at a distance. In case you do get a cold, consume zinc in larger amounts, this is going to kill the illness and get you back on your feet.

Eat as much garlic as possible

The garlic is rich in antioxidants, which stimulate the immune system and fight against any inflammation productively.

Eat as much garlic as possible

Think positive

One study on this subject has shown that participants suffering from the flu, have managed to battle this illness by simply engaging into positive thinking. This has enabled an increased production of antibodies, which affected the health immensely.


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