Reboot Your Body

If you’re feeling sluggish and stagnant, it’s time to examine your eating habits.

Are you feeling the need to clean up your act? We call this our reboot time when we reset ourselves and aim for healthy, “conscious” eating. Pay more attention on what you put in your mouth!

Here’s the deal:

Your body truly is a temple. Maybe when you were younger you ate whatever you wanted and your body just took it. You ate, worked out, stayed up late, partied—basically, you did whatever you felt like doing! But now (especially if you’re over 30), in order to live a long, healthy, happy life, you must honor your body and give it the best possible fuel.

The real cause of aging is acidic sludge in the body. Highly acidic foods, such as meat, cheese, processed foods, sugar, and alcohol causes an imbalance that impedes our energy and proper functioning of the organs. When we eat these foods and then sit all day, we become stagnant.

Are you feeling stale and stagnant ? Sluggish and tired ? Are you feeling the heaviness of overeating ?

Ask yourself:

1) Do you think about food constantly ?
2) Are you tired and lack enthusiasm for life ?
3) Do you long for the body “that once was ?”
4) When was the last time you felt great, with tons of energy ?
5) Are you ready to make some changes ?

The really good news is, with some conscious effort, you can feel better, embrace life, and have the energy you long for.

Reboot Your Body

Get started. Write down small, attainable goals for yourself.

1) Decide this is a priority !
2) Jot down four steps you are willing to take, such as drinking more water, exercising three times per week, meditating, consuming less alcohol, avoiding sugar, working fewer hours, etc. Yoga is a terrific tool, as it increases circulation of body fluids and oxygen and calms the mind, too.
3) Focus on one activity per week. This will help you create a new, healthy habit.
4) Tell a friend what you are doing. Share these goals. This will make you accountable. Better yet, find a buddy.
5) Reward yourself. Do something that makes you feel good, such as having a massage, watching a movie with a friend, taking a walk or hike, or buying a new journal or outfit. This will be a reminder that you’ve achieved a goal.

Pretty soon you will notice your mood and energy have improved, you are losing weight, your relationships are easier and flowing, and most of all, you feel more empowered and in charge. You rock!


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