Relief Gas Home Remedy !

Flatulence or gas and bloated feelings are commonly known as gastrointestinal disorder. It is normally caused due to swallowing air or by bacteria that affects the intestine. Such bacteria produce gas while digesting foods that have not been processed through the small intestine.

The gas is mainly produced due to undigested foods that contain starch or sugar. Passing intestinal gas relieves the intestines from gas accumulation or bloated feeling. The bloated feeling is normally due to accumulation of gas giving a feeling of fullness can also lead to abdominal cramps.

An inactive lifestyle and physical or mental stress is highly responsible for causing gas. Many people have found being chronic patients of gastric problems and as a result, they have to avoid many edible items from the food especially those can create or encourage gas and fullness.

Though this is not a serious health disorder but it does cause embarrassment and discomfort in social circumstances and environment. Gas is a natural problem but it becomes extremely embarrassing to fart in public or at the common places. Gas and the pain that could arise from this problem are normally caused by breakdown of food by bacteria in the digestive process.


Sometimes, swallowing air when eating or drinking, an exogenous source also creates the gas. Most people pass the gas nearly 14 times a day. The gas is basically made of odorless vapor. The unpleasant odor of gas comes from bacteria in the large intestine that release small amount of gas that contains sulfur.

Gas can sometimes be uncomfortable and inconvenient too. It can come from the abdomen after eating and is a result of certain habits or diet choices.


There are many natural gas relief home remedies:


  •    Chew one teaspoon of celery seeds and it would help in releasing the blocked gas to get better relief from the    fullness.
  •   Mix half to one teaspoon of fennel seeds to three spoons of yogurt and eat.
  •   Blanch fennel seeds and drink. This is an effective remedy for the breast feeding moms.
  •   Drink chamomile tea to cam the gas and pain and massage the stomach to release the gas. Once the gas is       released the abdominal pain also reduced and offers greater comfort. This is an ideal home remedy for gas       relief.  Relief gas home remedy !
  •   Boil one cup of water with two or three carnation sprouts, cook for five minutes and drink thrice a day. If you   wish, you can also add cinnamon stick for the taste and flavor.
  •   Add one teaspoonful of ground fresh cardamom seeds to one cup of boiling water till ten minutes and drink it thrice a day before meal. This therapy largely helps to calm down the creation of gas.
  •   Mix one teaspoon of cayenne to one cup of boiling water, take one teaspoonful from the mixture and add into   cupful water and drink when required.
  •   Blanch dill leaves and parsley and drink several times during the day.
  •   Drink anise liqueur to help with the gas problem.
  •   Boil potatoes in the water and drink the liquid.
  •   Eat yogurt, sour cream and lot of peppers.
    Blanch half a teaspoon of ginger with half a teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of boiling water, add some honey into it, and wait for 3 – 5 minutes then drink. Drinking carbonated water also offers relief gas home remedy.

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