She put a coin in the freezer before she left the house. When you find out why, immediately you will do the same!


coin on a cup of ice

If you belong to people who spend long periods away from home or an apartment, then this trick is for you. Have you ever come home, and digital clocks showing the wrong time? This means that any power failure. The problem is we do not know how long it was a power outage, which are endangered primarily on food in your refrigerators and freezers.

Therefore, the next time you plan to be out a few days at home, do this simple trick:

Pour a glass of water and let it freeze, and then leave a coin on ice.
If the coin is still on top after you return home, you can be sure that there was not a power failure. And if it is in the middle or even worse on the bottom of the case, then you know that a long time there was no electricity and foods that are in the freezer does not need to be consumed!


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