Simple Desserts That Won’t Make You Fat

Can’t say no to dessert? We will teach you how to eat smartly.

When approaching the issue of “dessert” (a very bad word in the context of dieting) there are a few issues to focus on. First, we have the idea of avoiding sugary desserts, and it’s hard to argue with this one.

Numerous studies have been done on refined sugar and its link to obesity. Practically every nutritional source agrees that consuming too much sugar will make you fat.

One common problem among the obese is that many individuals reduce their fat intake only to replace that lost fat with sugar, snacks and flavoring. While it’s smart to stay away from sugar, realistically speaking, it’s hard to imagine never eating another Twinkie or ice cream bar again.

The theory that a person can eat any dessert dish he or she wants, provided it’s only once in a while (say, once a week) is a valid one. However, not everyone has the willpower to say no to snacks, soft drinks and desserts six days a week. Therefore, an alternative idea might be to eat a very small portion of sugar every day or every other day, in an effort to avoid binging on weekends.

Does this work? Yes, it can, especially if you eat dessert dishes that have low calories, low sugar, low-fat and low-carbs. However, you don’t have to buy special weight watching products from the store just to enjoy a simple dessert. Let’s consider five ways to enjoy delicious desserts (and real desserts, not chalky substitutes) that won’t make you fat.

1. Create your own light desserts

You can create your own light desserts and simply refrain from using the most fattening parts of the dish: the cream, the butter and the sugar. Some desserts like meringues only require egg whites and a small portion of sugar to make. You can also seek out store products like Italian iced desserts.

2. Spread out fattening items

Chances are, if you spread or stretch out your dessert ingredients you won’t even notice how little of the sinful substance you are using. For example, chocolate and nuts together packs a wallop of calories. However, if you finely chop the nuts and, melt the chocolate, and spread them out over a dessert dish, you will get the same flavor without the total calories.

3. Add fruit to your dessert

Fructose, the natural sugar from fruit, is much healthier for you than refined sugar. Enjoy more sugar without suffering for it by replacing sugary or fatty foods with fruit pieces, nuts or even whole wheat and whole grain flour.

You could create a delicious dish of chocolate covered strawberries or get creative and puree your fruits into a butter or cream like substance. Try monkey brownies, banana ice cream or Chocolate-Drizzled Cranberry Biscotti with dried cranberries and almonds.

4. Use milk alternatives

Milk is one of the most fattening food items you can buy. Not only can you cut down on fat intake with 2%, 1% milk and fat-free dairy items, but you can also substitute soy milk or rice milk for a snack. Furthermore, you can substitute unsweetened cocoa powder (the leftover powder after pressing cacao beans) for milk chocolate when creating your own recipe.

5. Use substitute sugar

You can cut down on sugar by using some creative substitutes. Sure, there’s Splenda and Stevia, but have you ever thought of graham cracker crust, honey, maple syrup or even Sucanat, which is real, unrefined sugar?

What can you say about hungry people on a diet? They try some crazy things and some of these ideas are downright brilliant. All over the nation, amateur cooks are serving up bread pudding made with skim milk and egg whites, carrot cake and pineapple, bananas foster with citrus and sherbet, and flan made with low-fat condensed milk. Brownies are actually among the easiest dessert to substitute for, and not just with bananas but with prune puree or applesauce.

Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to reach out to the local community or at least the Internet community to find some new low fat and low sugar recipes. You don’t have to be extra tough on yourself. You just need a measure of self control and a lot of imagination!


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