The Solutions Of Hangover Relief

The splendid late nights are spent out drinking and partying…. and then the blow… The payback of a hangover! So how is it possible to reach hangover relief? Alcohol dehydrates your system, as it is a diuretic meaning it causes you to pass more urine taking away the liquid that your body needs. This is the main reason for continuous running to the toilet.

What is needed are moves to rehydrate to recover from all the liquid you lost as a result of the alcohol. That would mean following all the wide range listed remedies to step into a program of hangover relief.

Consume foods rich in vitamin B

To recover fully rest is imperative so it is imperative to get enough sleep. Take a dose of Vitamin B complex. Keep a huge supply of Vitamin B supplements handy if you intend to be, or are a regular drinker as alcohol depletes “B” vitamins.

Eat bread

A meal of burnt toast will contribute to providing carbon to release impurities in your body and toast or bread neutralizes the acid. Because your tummy is in an acidic state after alcohol intake, toast or bread neutralizes the acid. Honey with its natural sugars can balance the acidity as well. Liquids are important so keep drinking fruit juice and water.

Do not drink coffee

Be aware that caffeine will further dehydrate you so do not drink any coffee. Orange juice for the vitamin C content is a necessity as it serves as a solution for potassium intake as low potassium can cause muscle cramps and pain. Alcohol depletes potassium. Eat bananas if orange juice is not possible. As banana are the best potassium source.

A herb called Milk Thistle is available in most herbal and vitamin stores. It assists in helping damaged liver cells as a result of alcohol intake. Drinking any sports drink will help.

Mineral rich food such as pickles or tinned fish will contribute to hastier recovery and have a shower and keep alternating a shower between hot and cold.

Warm fluids will help recuperation faster from the alcoholic state your body suffered and alty Chinese food intake or salty snacks such as pretzels and potato chips or salted crackers will assist in the salt replenishment and salt absorbs the alcohol as well.

Keep in mind the condition of hangover is a temporary condition. Follow the huge knowledge base of hangover relief and remedies to keep positive and recovery will follow. 😉


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