Why Sometimes Women Has An Unpleasant Odor “Down There”?

One of the problems of each girl or woman is an unpleasant odor from “down there” that appears at certain times and may result in an uncomfortable situation with the partner.

Do not be afraid that it is possible infection or illness, but check out these five possibilities:

Improper Hygiene

Incorrect or irregular intimate hygiene are among the natural reasons that lead to unpleasant smell.

If you maintain a regular intimate hygiene do it properly and do not irritate the private parts with harsh soaps or hot water. It is enough to treat it with asset for intimate hygiene and lukewarm water.

Before Menstrual Cycle

If you did not know, women’s intimate organ secretes fluid that purifies it every day from bacteria and fluid as a result of sexual arousal. These liquids are heavier and have an unpleasant smell several days before you get your menstrual cycle. So do not panic because this is a natural phenomenon.

Irritating Underwear

Cotton underwear is less represented in your drawer because lace looks more attractive. Maybe you’re right, but it acts also badly because its material irritates and doesn’t leave the skin to breathe. Use cotton underwear at least until you are at home if you want to avoid unpleasant smell.


Just like in the days before menstruation, vagina goes through hormonal changes that occur during the cold and health disorder of the body. Then the liquid is also thicker and has an unpleasant smell that disappears once is healed. On the odor affect medicines that you drink in the meantime.why-unpleasent-vaginal-odor

Why Sometimes Women Has An Unpleasant Odor “Down There”?

Unhealthy Diet

Healthy diet results in healthy, normal vaginal odor. If you often eat fast food, you do not eat vegetables and fruits it affect at your health. More often eat bananas, strawberries, watermelon and lemons if you do not want unpleasant smell down there.


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