How to Stop Biting Your Nails – 3 Efective Tips

Habit which is harder to quit off, than the habit of smoking, as shown by numerous studies, is nail biting.

With these three tips you can try to quit this bad habit.

Inflamed skin, redness, unsightly edges of the nail, infection and visible edges cheekbones, describe the appearance of the nails susceptible ugly habit of biting.

This kind of habit has very unpleasant health consequences, besides of aesthetic one. Frequently putting fingers in the mouth consume hundreds of viruses and bacteria from the environment.

With numerous ways of quitting these three tips have been shown to be effective:

Coatings nail with bitter taste and unbearable smell

The trick that is often used when children bite their nails is coating fingers with a mixture of bitter and stinking taste.

It is possible to find a nail polish on this basis that preventing convergence of the mouth.

Another similar option is the addition of chili peppers and fish oils in the cream.

Employ hand with some exercise, or squeezing balls

Second effective method against biting is employing the fingers with an action.

Squeeze a ball or a coin switching it from thumb to little finger. Another exercise that helps release stress and reduces the need of biting is a position of chewing crossing arms.

Keep a photo of your nails before your eyes as often as possible

Photograph appearance of your nails and compare them with groomed one. Make sure photographs are before your eyes as often as possible.

Another tip is that during the meetings you should try to keep the hands open and thus visible for others without hiding.

Views of others, will be sufficient warning to give up reaching for new ‘grits’.


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