Successful Three Types of Diet, Accomplish Your Ideal Weight Now

If you’re one of those who always start with some diet in monday, but somehow never manage to keep it through. Well, we offer you three types of diet. You can choose the one that suits you, suits to your taste and lifestyle.
For start select one of the mini diet and you will see how the pounds melts away.

1)Diet with fruit and vegetables

How it works – fruits and vegetables have many healthy ingredients that contain no fat and substances which will quickly make you feel full and will improve your digest.

Diet plan

Breakfast: yogurt mix with 300 g. seasonal fruit (apples, apricots, peaches, raspberries)
Lunch: 300 ml soup and 300 g cooked strained carrots
Dinner: salad of fruits and vegetables
Tip: Bananas and grapes have high sugar so during this diet try to avoid them. Avoid olives, because they contain fat too.

2)Diet with rice

How it works –small grains of rice are very tasty, and contain many vitamins. Thanks to potassium, rice eject the excess water from your body.

Diet plan

Breakfast: salad of seasonal vegetables
Lunch and dinner: boil 200 g. rice and divide into two portions that you eat during that day. Eat one serving it with mashed apples, and the other with 300 g boiled vegetables mixed with classic cooking oil.
Tip: Boil the rice 40 minutes without salt, because salt retains water in the body. Instead of salt seasoned with cinnamon or other spice.

3)Diet with potatoes

How it works –The potato acts as an ideal diet foods because it contain fat, a lot of potassium and its calories are 70 per 100 g. It creates feeling of satiety and and does not gave you extra weight.

Diet plan

Breakfast: one slice whole-grain bread with salmon fillet or with 50 g. young cheese.
Lunch: two boiled or baked potatoes seasoned by your choice, eat them with 150 g. lean cream
Dinner: 200 g. potatoes prepared with 350 g. boiled vegetables (peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes)


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