Sweet Wormwood (Artemisia Annua) Miraculous Plant That Kills 98 % Of Cancer Cells

Sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua) is an annual, herbaceous plant, which originates from Asian continent, from traditional China. For centuries, this plant is known and used in China as a cure for many diseases (malaria, fever and parasites).

However, the focus of has come when many portals reported that this plant is supposed to destroy the cancer cells in just 16 hours. Is it really so, or is it marketing pharmacy in order to cash in on sick people, read below.

Today, in the modern time, the time of modern medicine, sweet wormwood plant is known for its full effectiveness in the treatment of malaria. More recent scientific research indicate the existence of another effect of sweet wormwood – anticancer activity.

China – The Homeland of the Sweet Wormwood

The genus Artemisia, Artemisia Annua in addition, include A. vulgaris and A. absinthium, all three plants are special, they have different uses and should not be mix!

This herbaceous plant that comes from China, where for centuries cultivated can grow in ground plant parts up to 2 meters in height. It was used to treat fevers 2,000 years ago, and for the treatment of malaria has been used since 1,000 years ago. Sweet wormwood at the time used as a tea, where it is dried leaves of the plants spill with hot water and drunk.

Today, in addition to its natural habitat, the sweet wormwood cultivated grown in different countries – Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, America.

Sweet Wormwood – Research

The latest medical research has shown the existence of an anticancer activity of sweet wormwood . It is believed that an effective influence on the prevention and spread of tumor cells. Here their activity can transcripts active substance, artemisinin. However, currently there is not enough scientific evidence in humans that would recommend the sweet wormwood, like a drug in the treatment of tumors.

The professor Henry Lai make medical experiments at the University of Washington. The experiments were performed in vitro conditions, in the laboratory. In order to determine the efficiency of active ingredient artemisinin in the fight against serious disease, such as cancer.

Research of Chinese scientists are published in the journal “Life Sciences” where he laid out his vision of the experiment.

He described the operation of the active ingredient from the plant sweet wormwood, as a compound that effectively kills all cells of breast cancer, for a period of 16 hours, and in 98% of cases.

“It seems that this matter be effective, but it is very selective. Artemisinin is highly toxic to cancer cells, but has a marginal impact on normal breast cells.” – Professor Henry Lai, Life Sciences.

According to a survey of Chinese scientists, who is with the experiment began back in the last century, in 1990 and notes the cooperative action of artemisinin and iron. It is believed that the operation of the plant, causing only a reduction in the number of tumor cells by 28%, while in combination with iron preparations are, that number is complete.

The interaction of these two elements, artemisinin from sweet wormwood on one side and iron on the other hand is reflected in the release of free radicals, who allegedly destroyed “only” tumorous cells. The presence so-called peroxide bridges in artemisinin is responsible for the appearance of peroxidation, and release free radicals.

Does the activity of free radicals targeted only to tumorous cells or is generally known medical knowledge that free radicals directed to the general destruction of cells. Will remain as an open topic of internal expert discussion and demonstration of reliability experiments in vitro.


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