Take Advantage of the Pink Grapefruit ! (VIDEO)

Have you ever asked yourself “What can I eat today, to feel better in the future?”. Well why don’t you give the grapefruits a try?

Cardiovascular organs at top health!

By consuming just one medium size grapefruit a day it can help lowering the “bad” cholesterol by 15% and triglycerides by 27%, thus it prevents strokes, heart failures and hypertension. The reason for this is the soluble fiber that the grapefruit contains known as pectin. The red varieties have the best impact on cholesterol because they have higher levels of antioxidants.

Provides large amounts of vitamin C

Grapefruits are packed with big loads of vitamin C! Most of the people reach out for the pill when they feel sick. Stop that! Simply just peel the skin, consume it and boom! You have just absorbed 57% of your daily needs of ascorbic acid known as vitamin C.

Cancer defense

Being rich in naringenin, the grapefruit is effective with preventing growth of any cancer cell. Naringenin is known to aid in repairing damaged DNA of cancer cells. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin A, lycopene and others also work together against any form of cancer in the body.

Kidney Stone

By consuming either whole fruit or just the juice of this fruit removes citric acid which reduces the pH value. Thus it’s effective to prevent and cure formation of calcium oxalate kidney stone.


Being rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients the grapefruit is excellent for detox of stored toxins in colons and kidney. And we certainly don’t want any toxins in our bodies.

Today’s Healthy Mix – Have you ever tried juice made from grapefruit & mint? Enjoying this juice in the morning will give you good and fresh start of the day by waking up all your senses.


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