Take Control Of Your Stress Naturally With These Tips !

Sometimes we all suffer from some kind of stress. Many factors from serious everyday problems to trivial matters we cannot deal with cause stress. It frequently causes negative effects to our welfare, hence its name “the disease of modern times”.

There are numerous symptoms like insomnia or irritability. Stress leads to many different illnesses as well like baldness, high blood pressure, depression and extreme weight-loss…

Try some genuine natural treatments the next time you suffer from some of these symptoms:


When you have insomnia, it is recommended that you spray oil from lavender in the bedroom or just smell it before going to bed. According to researchers, lavender soothes the body and mind and relieves anxiety causing the body to relax helping you to quicker fall asleep.

It has also been proved that therapy with aroma causes various moods and emotions, and it has a positive effect against anxiety, fatigue, depression, digesting problems, headaches, etc. You can consult an expert if you want to learn more about aromatherapy.


Chamomile has proved effective in relaxing the nerves and muscles before sleeping. For hundreds of years this pant has been used to enhance the immunity system and it has been known to possess calming effects.

Dark chocolate

Consumption of about only 30 grams of dark chocolate lowers the stress level and anxiety in your body. If the stress hormone cortisol is unbalanced, it can easily come to dysfunctions and long-term diseases. Dark chocolate reduces the levels of this hormone and because of this it is recommended to be used frequently. But, do not consume too much of it, 30 grams, like we mentioned, are enough.

St. John’s Wort

According to researchers, this plant enhances the mood and behavior of patients who suffer from depression. It has served as an anti-depressant for centuries, and because it is so common in the meadows it is usually mistaken for a common weed. Seek advice from a professional before using it (either to make tea or smell its essential oil) to avoid allergic reactions or improper dosing.


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