How To Test Whether Or Not A Certain Exercise Is Enjoyable For You Or Not

Have you ever looked at those people who run around the park each day and wonder how they do it? Don’t they get tired of running each day? Aren’t there times when they would prefer to stay in? You’ll see certain people out running when it’s cold, hot or even when it’s snowing. These people run because running is something they truly enjoy. It’s not even an exercise for them anymore. It’s more of a stress reliever than anything.

Do you look at exercising the same way or do you dread it? If you’re like most of the people out there, you probably dread exercising because you believe it’s going to be painful. You get pictures in your mind of throwing up, being in pain the next day, or maybe even hurting yourself while doing it. All of this creates resistance which will lead to you looking at exercising the wrong way. What you have to do is learn to think differently. This is accomplished by doing exercises you enjoy.

How do you know which exercises you enjoy though or which ones you would enjoy? An exercise you would enjoy is going to have a few key variables:

– You would be able to do the exercise for a long time without feeling the need to stop. These are exercises you are well suited for.
– You could do the exercise and then feel better after doing it instead of worse. This is what will melt resistance better than anything.
– You can do the exercise even on days when you’re in a bad mood, because the exercise is going to help to put you in a good mood or at least a better mood.

If you have never exercised much then you will have to experiment in the beginning. The best way for you to do this would be to find a list of different exercises where the exercise is demonstrated. You will then do several of them and determine right away which ones you could do a lot of and which ones you couldn’t. The exercises you avoid will likely be those that demand too much out of you or those that cause pain.

This doesn’t mean you can’t test yourself with tougher exercises, but you would do this down the road. Plus, the exercises you selected that you enjoy doing can be made tougher most of the time.

Enjoyable exercises are those that are going to be fun and not choir

These are exercises you can do while listening to music or even watching television. Take Tae Bo for example. This is a DVD series that’s very popular. In these videos people are doing various forms of boxing/kickboxing routines in order to get in shape. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great stress reliever. How many of these people do you think dread exercising?

Your ability to find exercises you enjoy is going to be important to your ability to stay consistent. Consistency is what’s required in order for you to lose weight and stick to the healthy habits required to keep it off. You must learn to look at exercise as something fun and not a price you pay to be healthy.

Exercising should be your friend not your enemy. I don’t care if you only do a few jumping jacks each day. If this is what you enjoy then make a plan to do lots of them. Find ways to variate them and make them tougher as you get conditioned. Resistance to exercising can be defeated when you focus on the good and not on the bad. (Featured image via: caloriesecrets)


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