Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

You want to lose weight. You want to get the perfect body. But are you being aware enough? It may come as a reality check that whatever you are doing to lose all the excess fat may not be effective at all. You are still ‘fat’, out of shape and depressed. And you know what? Maybe this depression too is causing fat retention. If you are wondering why you aren’t losing weight, here are ten reasons that could help answer your question:

Reason 1: It’s dumb to eat wrong!

While going on a weight watch, you may have turned yourself off from all the fatty acids and lipid contents that most foods contain. You may have cut down on all kinds of carbohydrates. And maybe, you are compromising on your protein intake too to fortify your body’s muscle mass. But don’t just go headless and illogical while planning your diet. You need to include essential omega-3-fatty acids. You need to have whole wheat fibers and the necessary amounts of carbohydrates. After all, you can’t lose weight if you eat wrong.

Reason 2: You have no idea about your intakes!

Your protein intake should comprise of lean meat and alternatives like soybeans, egg protein (not the yolk), and low-fat milk proteins (in the form of sour curd, yoghurt) etc. Don’t just go munching on fruits because they are healthy. Try to identify between simple sugars and complex sugars. Try to eat natural fat burning foods like raspberry ketones, green tea, green coffee bean etc for enhancing your weight loss metabolism.So, if you are still ‘obese’, you may have been sticking to a faulty diet, which is not deploying your energy reserves properly. There, an eye-opener for you again!

Reason 3: You exercise mindlessly

Are you aware that the body gets used to the same kind of exercises, if you are into them for a prolonged time? Try and combine different forms of workouts. Don’t go for extensive cardio every day. Combine it with Pilates, aerobics, weight training, cycling, yoga or maybe some kind of dance form which would make you sweat out.

Reason 4: Are you regular with your regime?

You may think that a day’s extensive workout gives you respite for the next three days. But hey! It is wrong to procrastinate. Don’t slacken and get lazy once you set the ball rolling. Prioritize, enjoy and be serious about this commitment!

Reason 5: You get stressed way too much!

Cortisol is a biochemical secreted by your body when you are under stress. The odd thing about your body is that it doesn’t really know how to differentiate between the various kinds of stress you are into. So, what happens is that you are stressed, the cortisol is secreted into your bloodstream. There, it breaks down the muscle content and also affects resistance to insulin. Moreover, it induces fat storage. So, it indeed is a requisite to beat the stress in order to keep agile and fit.

Top 10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Reason 6: Are you a chronic Insomniac or one in the making?

Are you sleeping less? Count cortisol in your picture again. Having less sound sleep or disturbed sleep affects proper homeostatic and metabolic traits. And you already know what cortisol does to you.

Reason 7: You are cheating on your vows!

You still munch on doughnuts, those chocolate muffins and drink that double chocolate latte. And yeah, cheating won’t really do your situation any good. So, here goes the reality check for you!

Reason 8: You don’t watch what carb you take in

There are easy carbs. And then there are complex carbs. Google them up and know how to differentiate between them to eat wisely.

Reason 9: You plan, you don’t execute!

You need to buckle your shoes and be more self-aware. Those charts and schedules won’t work on you, unless you begin executing them properly. Don’t time your jogging. Just wear those running shoes and go for a run!

Reason 10: You are still Googling about How to Lose Weight!

Let’s say, this should be your last Google result that you are wasting your time on. Do this drill. Look at your body in the mirror. Stop being narcissistic for a while. And identify what is deformed. After that, work out and eat right.


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