Traditional Chinese Medicines

Even today if you fall ill or suffer from various ailments. The first suggestion that you will get from your parents or the elders of the family will be to follow the simple ancient remedies. Like herbs, acupressure acupuncture etc. Instead of trying the other conventional methods like allopathic medicines etc.

Every country has its own and unique ancient methods of treatments for the various ailments and diseases. In comparison to the other countries, China is known for its various ancient conventional treatment techniques.

The traditional Chinese medicines have a long history which has been traced as back as 2000 to 3000 years ago. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formed a very exceptional system to not just diagnose the disease or the illness. But also cure them completely. The TCM is a technique that is very different from the general western medicines.

The diagnosis of the illness and diseases in TCM is mainly dependent on the complete understanding of the physical and mental aspects of the universe as described in Daoism. The treatment of this diagnosed ailment or disease is further dependent upon the diagnosis and the discrimination of the disease.

Based on TCM, the zang-fu organs of the body are treated as the core organs of the body. In our body all the tissues and the organs are interconnected with each other through a network of blood vessels and other channels.

It was believed that “chi” the energy in our body flows throughout the system and acts like a carrier carrying information. Which are expressed later externally on the body surface through the jingluo system.

Any dysfunction in the core organs of our body will be seen directly on the surface of the body due to the network of the various blood vessels and channels.

The dysfunction caused due to the disease will simultaneously spread through the rest of the vessels. And also affect all the related core organs.

Final treatment of the disease diagnosed based on the symptoms arising on the body surface starts with the entire system analysis. Then later focuses mainly on the appropriate methods to correct the pathological action by readjusting the functions of the core organs.

The proper evaluation of the disease or the illness by TCM, includes all the basic information of the ailment. Such as the cause, location, its mechanism, nature of the illness, and the reaction between the pathogen and the body’s resistance power.

TCM provides treatment not just based on the symptoms but also on the various syndromes. Hence it is able to treat different people suffering form the same disease differently.

The diagnosis and the treatment of any disease is completely dependent on the theories of yin-yang and the five elements.

These theories are very strong and follow the laws of nature along with the physiological and pathological activities. Occurring  the human body during the disease or the ailment.

TCM includes the various therapies like the acupuncture, herbal medicines and the qigong exercises.


Therapy is performed by invigorating only some parts of our external body.

Herbal medicines:

These act especially on the core organs of our body.

Qigong exercises:

The Qigong exercises restore the proper flow of information in our body in the form of energy or Qi.

Often, these therapeutic methods are termed as the Information Therapy due to its mode of diagnosis and treatment.


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