Vegetable Proteins And Its Benefits

The consumption of legumes, cereals and nuts lets get quality protein, with less and less saturated fat and cholesterol that foods of animal origin.

The vegetable proteins are notable in front of the advantages of animal origin. There is a wide range of plant based foods that contain protein.

The WHO (World Health Organization) said in his studies that the developed world consumes more than twice as much of the daily requirements needed in protein. Meanwhile, the third world suffers an alarming lack of protein. On the other hand, even the WHO recommends a ratio of only 25 % of animal protein and 75 % of vegetable protein in our diet.

Often, people who practice a vegetarian diet are bombarded with the same question: ” don’t eat meat, how easy you make the agency the proteins that this need?”. the answer is very simple, since there is a very wide range of food That provide necessary substances.

Advantages Vegetables

The food of plant origin protective contain substances such as fibre, antioxidants and phytochemicals, clearly related to health, and the quality of life. In addition, they have no cholesterol and its contents in saturated fat is, in general, very low.
To Digest Meat, what happens is that they have eliminated all the intermediate processes through natural chemical substances for transmuted in protein.

Vegetable proteins in front of the of animal origin:

– Are acidifying less of our blood, because they are accompanied by more minerals;
– Contain less purine and removed the better;
– In the intestines will ferment and won’t rot like those of the flesh. The vitality of the meat low at the moment while the vegetable proteins last up to weeks without losing vitality, that’s why they won’t rot but to ferment;
– Contain less fat and are unsaturated (beneficial to the health);
– Do not contain cholesterol;
– Have fiber;
– Less overload the liver and kidneys;
– Easy to digest;
– Ideal for low calorie diets;
– Are cheaper for our economy and that of the planet.

The main sources of protein are:

• Seaweed, mainly the spirulina.
• Legumes
• Nuts
• Quinoa
• Soy and their derivatives
• Tofu
• Tempeh
• Soy sauces
• Miso
• Soybean sprouts
• Drink Soy and desserts
• the seitan or gluten
• Beer yeast
• Amaranth
Among others …

Nuts for natural weight loss

Examples of Protein Supplement

To succeed in improving the quality of vegetable proteins, the suggestions are the mixing in a same dish, different products combinations that tend to be found in the traditional recipes from all continents. The variety of vegetable dishes with an excellent quality protein can be as wide as allowed by the imagination and the desire to try new dishes.

Vegetables + whole grains: Lentils with rice, beans with pasta or cassava, couscous with chickpeas and vegetables, chickpeas with wheat, spaghetti with peas and prawns, burritos (corn bread) stuffed with beans, soy with vegetables and rice, chickpeas with Bread.

Vegetables + dried fruits and seeds: chickpeas with pine nuts, lentil salad with walnuts, hummus or chickpea paste (chickpeas crushed with sesame seeds and spices).

Whole Grain Cereals + Dairy Vegetables: Rice or oatmeal with soy milk shake, almonds.

Dried Fruit and vegetable seeds + Dairy: Oatmeal or rice with milk and nuts.

Nuts and seeds + whole grains: rice salad with dried fruits, pasta with walnuts.

Research shows that a variety of plant foods that are rich in proteins ingested over the course of a day can provide all the essential amino acids, so that it is not necessary, as it was believed that the additional proteins are consumed in the same food.

Another way to obtain the essential amino acids is to combine a small amount of a protein complete with larger quantities of food proteins.

Both ways, we can reduce our excessive consumption of food of animal origin without worrying about the protein contribution and to benefit from the reduction of saturated fats and cholesterol.


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