Weight Loss Could Be Fun : 3 Activities That You Will Lose Hundreds Of Calories

Running is one of the most popular and the most healthy form of recreation. In addition to increases circulation, the cardio-vascular exercise strengthens the immune system, burns calories, improves mood and releases stress. But for many people running a real anguish. That’s why we bring you 3 decent replacement with which you can lose weight at a much more fun way.

Running is very simple and popular form of recreation. But equally, it is not recommended to everyone.

Jogging should be avoided by people with cardio-vascular problems, with injuries back, knees and joints, or overweight people. That’s why we bring you three decent replacement that can be a lot more fun and more effective.


Walking is a very underestimated exercise and many will say that there is not an effect. If you think the same, you’re wrong. In fact, walking and fast walking will you spend as much or even more calories than running.

In this way, strengthen the cardiovascular system, increases circulation and burn large amounts of calories. Prefer 2-3 times a week walk to work, or at least park the car a little further. Make 10,000 steps a day and you are done much for your heart and overall body.


Swimming is an exercise during which works almost every muscle in the body. This is an excellent recreation which stretch the body, strengthen the spine and burn calories.

Whether you swim from one side of the pool or take a fun aqua-aerobics or control the ball in water is excellent therapy, both for your body and for your mind. Water relaxes and soothes and acts as an anti-stress therapy.


Though it was the time of night clubs where they dance movements were the main form of entertainment, twisting body to the music is still very fun and effective therapy that can be exercised within your four walls. Locate the music that you most ‘lifted’ and makes you dance and take action for at least 30 minutes.

Our recommendations are disco hits seventies which is hard to resist. Dancing will return to fitness, good sweating and ‘dissolve’ the accumulated fat, but also great to relax and have fun.


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