What You Need To Know For a Relaxed and Happy Pregnacy

One of the biggest priorities for you as a future mother is to provide your baby a healthy beginning of its life, which puts the nutritive value of your intake on a challenge for optimal level.

Here are some the tips of a great importance in that way:

The role of omega 3 fatty acids during the pregnancy

Omega 3 fatty acids and their derivates, DHA are so important for the development of the fetus, and if the mother and the baby have deficiency of them, it is possible that the neurological and immune system of the newborn will never develop, which would cause a lifetime inexplicable emotional and immunological disorders and problems during the process of learning.

Exposure to enough Sun light

Make sure that the vitamin D is on an optimal level in your body and the Sun can have a great contribution in its production. For the cold winter days, the fish oil, the liver and the eggs can be of help in balancing of your daily portion.

Add exercises in your daily routine

The women who exercise during the first trimester of pregnancy have 20% less chances for premature birth and for those who exercise during the second trimester, the chances for a premature birth are even 48% lowered. So, if your doctor has not forbidden it, have in consideration the benefits of the exercises during the pregnancy, according the period and intensity of them.

Eat healthy food for your baby

In general, the fresh and organic food is supposed to be the first choice. Eat well balanced food which consists of appropriate proteins, healthy fats, and is also rich in fruits and vegetables. The leafy, green vegetables are rich in folic acid without which problems with evolution of the neural tube of the embryo occur and the proper intake of the folic acid, together with vitamins A and E have significant impact on the health of both, the mother and her baby.

Take off the amalgam fillings in your teeth

If you can, take them off before the pregnancy, and if not, do it after the birth. They can be transferred in the milk too. Meanwhile, the toxic effects of the mercury can be neutralized by avoiding chewing gums and increased consumption of vitamin C and selenium.

What You Need To Know For a Relaxed and Happy Pregnacy

Dangers that you are exposed at in your home

There have been some researches which have shown that the increased usage of chemical products for cleaning your home affects the children who are exposed to them, and that they are more likely to develop chronicle respiratory difficulties at early age.

Increase your beauty in a safe manner

The preparations for beauty are also chemicals, so be careful with them, especially with nail polish, colors for hair and makeup. Many of them have a mutagenic effect to the embryo and are able to reach the bloodstream of the mother, so try to use only materials that are edible, coconut oil for example.


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