Why You Should Put Onions in Your Socks Before Bedtime ?

There are thousands of stories that seem too good to be true, while others simply make no sense, but for some reason they still succeed. This trick is one of those. People who have done it, say that it is a thing that really shows results.

It is believed that the bottom of your feet is connected with all your internal organs. Specifically, a part of which is allegedly directly linked to specific parts of your body. Because we often wear shoes, those points of the feet are rarely stimulated, meaning that electrical circuits that connect the feet and body are often inactive.

To activate these pathways, and thus to cleanse your internal organs you need to do just one simple thing before you go to sleep. Onions and garlic are known for their power in the fight against germs and bacteria, and therefore one of the ways to cleanse your organs is to sleep with a piece of onion in your socks.

All you have to do is cut a flat piece of onion (try to find organic onions so you do not apply pesticides on your feet) and place it on your feet. While you sleep, the health ingredients of the onions are absorbed into your feet and begin to stimulate all points related to internal organs.

The benefits from putting onions in your socks are:

– Your blood will be purified. Phosphoric acid of the onion will pass into your bloodstream, and it will purify it.

– All germs and bacteria will be eliminated.

– Believe it or not, your feet will start to smell better because onions will throw out all toxins and chemicals from them and purify the air around them.

Who would say that something so simple can be so good for your health ?

Why You Should Put Onions in Your Socks Before Bedtime
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One thought on “Why You Should Put Onions in Your Socks Before Bedtime ?

  • December 27, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    Unionns I never heard about it and i want to try it.because l am alwasy have feet burn during my sleeping time


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