What Will Happen To Your Body If You Stop Exercising?

Find out what happens to your body if you decide to stop visiting the gym.

Your blood pressure will skyrocket through the roof

Within just one month after you stop exercising, your veins and arteries will shrink, resulting in increased blood pressure. The days when you are not exercising, the blood pressure naturally increases compared to the days when you’re in the gym. Therefore, if you stop exercising, your blood pressure will increase considerably more.

You will have less energy

In just 2 weeks training in the gym, your muscles will begin to use up to 20% less oxygen. But if you stop, all the benefits will disappear quickly. When you do not exercise, you lose the ability to convert oxygen into energy, which results in reduced energy.

Your muscles will shrink

At the moment you lower the weights, you will lose the muscles that you worked hard for. Studies show that after only 2 weeks of rest, the muscle mass reduces rapidly. This loss of muscle can affect you later and will make you feel constantly tired.

You may deal with reduced body mass, but not with depression too

The chances are that you will have less body mass than someone who continued to exercise regularly, because being passive reduces the ability of the brain to produce new cells. Studies show that people who exercise cope with depression better.

High blood sugar leads to diabetes and heart disease

In less than a week after you stop exercising, your muscles will reduce the amount of sugar which they absorb for energy. This means that after you eat, your blood sugar will remain fairly high. If this happens for a long time, you are at risk of heart disease, diabetes and other serious conditions.

Finally, everyone is different, but it is better to be active. You may not have time to be in the gym every day, but that does not mean you can’t find alternative methods of exercise. Next time, instead of the elevator climb the stairs. Instead of the bus, ride the bike, or hike. Also, avoid unhealthy food.


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