What Will Happen If You Eat Pistachios Every Day?

They seem exotic and delicious, and can be found in almost every store. Pistachios are the healthiest snack food that speed up your metabolism, lower the cholesterol and slow down aging.

Pistachios deserve a special place in our daily diet because of the benefits that they have if consumed every day.

Lower the cholesterol

– Consuming pistachios for only a few days can lower the cholesterol up to 20%, due to the great amount of antioxidants they contain. Antioxidants prevent the infiltration of cholesterol in the blood vessels and prevent inflammation.

Great source of fiber

– Pistachios are an excellent source of fiber because they are rich in dietary fibers that are crucial for accelerating the metabolism and the digestion.

Regulate the blood sugar

– They are regulators of the blood sugar. One cup of pistachios contains 60% of the recommended daily intake of phosphorus. Besides the fact that this mineral breaks down the proteins and amino acids, phosphorus stimulates the glucose tolerance as well.

Increase the sexual power of men

– Pistachios are a great aphrodisiac. They increase the sexual power of men up to 51% if consumed every day, due to the essential fatty acids they contain. Also, they assist in the production of sex hormones and increase blood flow to the genitalia.

Natural botox against wrinkles

– Pistachios are recorders among the nuts regarding the amount of antioxidant they contain, which are essential for the renewal of our bodies. Five to ten pistachios a day can help you battle the wrinkles since pistachios have been declared as natural Botox.

– Buying pistachios with their shell on will remind you not to overeat. Each opening of the shell will remind you how much pistachios you just ate and you will be able to stop in time.


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